Little Parade of the Crescent Moon

"Wild & Alive"
the official bootleg
live in Germany
Wild & Alive
the official bootleg live in Germany

With this CD we tried to satisfy all the request by many friends and fand who by a long time asked to us a live record. The songs are a choice from about 120 songs recorded between 2005/2007 as a simplesouvenir, and they are all in a two mono-tracks format: also after a general sound cleaning the record is without mystifications, conserving the real live atmosphere with all the good aspect or defects.
Realize this humble work with the old friends of Liri Blues is a reason of a big human and professional joy!

1- I'ma a hog for you
2- Fun House
3- 13th question method
5- Junco Partner
6-Hobocar Blues
7-Mystic Barefootin'
8-Just a little bit
9-Also Spracht UWE
10-Wrecking Yard
11-Bayou Teche
12-Congo Square

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