Little Parade of the Crescent Moon

"Wild & Alive"
the official bootleg
live in Germany
Capo D'Orlando - Crossroads blues 08
(courtesy by Antonella Papiro)

Alcamo - Summertime blues festival 08

San Severino Marche (agosto 07)
(courtesy by SanSeverino Blues Fetsival)

III° Tropea Blues Festival
(settembre 07)

(courtesy by Enzo Tropepe)

XIV° Schmoelzer Blues Tage
(settembre 07)

(courtesy by Norbert Neugebauer)

Pontedera Museo Piaggio (ottobre 07)
(courtesy by Valerio Pagni)

XX° Liri Blues Festival (luglio 07)
(courtesy by Tommaso Cerrone & Liri Blues)

XI° Castel San Pietro in Blues
(Maggio 07)
(Courtesy by Stefano Scarpante)

Patersdreef Blues Happening (Belgium)
(Courtesy by Blues and Franky Craeymeersch)

Sam Studio - Lari (Pisa)

Schmolz (Germany)

X Castel S.Pietro Romano Blues Festival

Border line